Holy Grail Tinted Moisturiser - Bobbi Brown

Here we are again!
This time with my Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizing Balm, my hands down, without doubt, one and only tinted moisturizer! All you dry girls, I am telling you this thick cream like tinted moisturizer is the bomb. I popped into my local Bobbi Brown having a browse and got talking to the lovely woman working there who must have taken one look at my dry, shriveled skin and thought get that girl some moisturizing balm because she steered me right in the direction of these little lovelies (have you also noticed that all my foundations come in pairs!).

It goes without saying that the packaging with the balms is no less than perfect, they look smart sitting on my dresser, but they are not the best for travelling which is abit of a nuisance seeing as I travel alot.

The first thing you notice about this tinted moisturizer is the smell, they smell like, what would you call it, herbs? Bobbi says its chock full of 'orange, rosemary, and olive oils' whatever it smells like, it smells good, and fresh, and like something id like to put on my face (which is handy). 

I would say the balm gives you a dewy finish to start with, it takes a good 30 minutes to settle, and when it does it a natural luminous finish, far from matte, which is what I like. 

Whats even better about these things is that although they are £35 a pot they last forever, as you can see I haven't even used whats on the underside of lid yet, though I haven't been using these every day. A little really does go a long way with these babies. 

The longevity of the Bobbi Brown balms is not the best, but so what eh? Its a tinted moisturizer so we all knew that from the beginning, if any of us expected 8 hour wear from it we would only be kidding ourselves, i'm not going to loose any sleep over having to reapply my tinted moisturizer half way through the day.

So we have talked about the smell, the finish, and the longevity but what about application.?..If i'm in a rush, which seems to be everyday as I live my life around train times and travelling, your fingers are the perfect tool to get the product from the pots onto your face. You don't know this but that's hard for me to admit as I am an advocate for makeup brushes and would usually never put foundation on without my Real Techniques expert face brush; but with this balm it is just not necessary! Save yourself some money and use what you already have!

All in all I love, love, love this product, probably too much. I might have to lock these away to encourage me to try and test different tinted moisturizers because with these in my life I feel I don't need any more, and that's certainly not a good attitude for a new beauty blogger to have!

See you soon guys!


  1. I've actually been really interested in tinted moisturizers lately! This sounds like it's worth a try :)

    (I'm having a giveaway right now if you're interested)

    1. It defiantly is! I have never been a huge fan of them since this!



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