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Hello there!
At the ripe old age of 20 I finally own my very first powder, yes, you read that right, my very first powder. I have always been so scared of powder and powder products with my dry crusty skin; but there was just something about the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.

I have read many a blog with girls with dry skin who have raved about this powder, I felt left out and just had to try it!

 I had some time to kill before Uni today and just popped in the MAC store (always dangerous!) and ended up walking out with the Skinfinish natural in Medium, the lovely girl there sympathised with me, as she had dry skin too but reassured me that this powder is a must have! She told me about how finely milled the powder was and how the product wont clog up my skin, but all I really cared about was: Will I end up with a cake face? Every girls worst nightmare! But lo and behold she put it on me and I didn't! I couldn't give her my money quick enough!
Me with my MAC Mineralize Foundation in NC25 with the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium over the top, and no flash. 

This is the same shot but with a flash!
This powder somehow makes you look radiant, a word that I would never usually associate with a powder product. It is so lightweight you hardly feel its there, and the colour matches me perfectly too. I don't know if I have just got carried away in a new product frenzy, but from the get go I have just fallen in love with this powder, and they say first impressions are everything, right?

After a couple of applications I can't give you a great review but I am just so impressed with this little guy that I just couldn't not mention it!

Please comment and let me know your thoughts on this product!

Happy commenting!

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  1. wow looks amazing... i never buy mac stuff as i find it to experiesive but does look like it does a great job :D

    lovely blog :)

    if you wouldn't mind checking out my blog would mean a lot :)

    1. MAC is my one weakness in this world, i just don't look at the reciepts afterwards.

      I'd love to check out your blog



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