Soleil Tan De Chanel Review!

Hello Everyone!

I'm back this time with the cult classic Soleil Tan De Chanel! 

To kick this post off, I have a love hate relationship with the packaging, it looks sleek, sophisticated, and expensive (I spose' that's because it is!) but on the other hand its totally and utterly ridiculous. It only holds 30 grams of product, but is so big and bulky! This means I hide it away in my makeup stash and forget all about it, and hardly use it, which is criminal as it has a hefty £31 price tag. 
I am hoping that me writing this blog will encourage me to get more use out of it in the coming months, but I guess as it is more of a summer product I can be forgiven, can't I?

Right, on with the review, just like I have a love hate relationship with the packaging that is true for the product inside too! Sometimes I put it on and (think) I look like a bronzed goddess who has just stepped off the beach, and other days I just look damn right muddy!
The sales assistant said that swirling a big kabuki brush round the product and buffing it into the skin is the best way to apply this product, when getting it home and playing around with it I found that for me personally that didn't work. For me the one and only brush for this product is the Real Techniques 'Retractable bronzer brush' it is basically an oversized stippling brush, so I find one does not pick up as much product, and less is more with this product I found. 

I love the indescribable smell of this product, it just reminds me of sun, and summer, if that makes any sense. Its texture is mouse like, which is great alternative to a powder bronzer with my dry skin, and was the main reason why I got it in first place, oh and maybe pixiwoo helped with that too!

I feel that I haven't quite fallen in love with this product yet,  more experimentation is needed and with regards to whether I'd repurchase it, that's a non-issue for me as I don't think id need too for a very long time, this stuff lasts forever, so that's a definite plus point. 


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