Mac Studio Sculpt!

Being a foundation junkie, it seemed only right to start off my very first blog post, on my very first blog with a foundation review (eeek!)

I chose to review my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation as when I was thinking about buying this and scouring through the internet for hours and hours looking for reviews and YouTube videos, I found a very limited amount of information about this base.

A little bit of background information, its £25, and I am an NC25 usually at mac, I originally bought NC30, and as in the UK you cant return makeup, I have to go back and buy ANOTHER in NC15. So really this foundation ended up costing me £50! Mixing the two will make it last longer,  (I keep telling myself this) so its not all bad. 

This foundation is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY underrated, there I said it, i'm going in bold. I should probably mention that I have normal, to dry and dehydrated skin, to help you understand why I love this foundation so much. Seeing as its winter my skin is at its driest (boo!) and the thick gel like consistency of this foundation has been an absolute life saver, it leaves my skin feeling moisturised and hydrated.

I will warn you that you can feel this foundation on your skin, that's for sure! But if you can get over that little niggle then i'm in no doubt that you will love it too. I am a busy Uni student, and I don't live at uni and have a 2 hour commute there and back each day so longevity with my foundation is the key and boy does this have that; i'm not going to sit here and say 'hay guys, this foundation looks just as perfect 8 hours after I've put it on' - that's impossible (but, if you do have the secret foundation that does let me know), but it does look pretty goddamn good!

MAC foundations are always quality in my opinion, I must be a lucky one as they don't break me out and have a great shade range perfect for my extremely pale winter skin, and my much darker sunbed kissed skin (naughty, I know).



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